Thai Massage
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cotton thai fisherman’s pants

good quality cotton thai fisherman’s pants. perfect for meditation, yoga, relaxing at home or
for casual summer evenings out.  they tie loosely around the waist and come in one size.
they are usually worn at about ankle length.

black in stock -
20.00 €

mandala cotton t-shirts

with sleeves.  current stock:
white background with various colours of beads

with sleeves:
15.00 €
all reduced to 5.00 €
crystal deodorant

alum crystal deodorant, a healthier way to stay fresh!
works by destroying the bacteria on the surface of the skin
which produce unpleasant odours. conventional deodorants
block pores to prevent sweating. no added perfume, not
tested on animals, will not stain clothes.

choice of
plain or with aloe vera  60gm
6.00 €       
gift vouchers

available for all treatments or products

give the gift of massage to someone you love!

yoga mat bags

fun fake furry yoga mat bags

still a few left in zebra print!

only 5.00 € each!                                      

beady bags

handmade cotton bags decorated with beads & sequins
fully lined, with shoulder strap

request your favourite colour!

10.00 € each