classic thai massage

Don't we all feel better when we've had a good

Traditional Thai massage, using acupressure
combined with gentle, passive yoga stretches,
stimulates circulation, releases toxins,
improves flexibility & balances the body's energy.

For therapeutic massage I recommend 90 minutes.

30 minutes - 30 €
60 minutes - 50 €
90 minutes - 70 €

''Thanks for a great experience; I shall certainly be back
for more''
Mrs S. Griffiths, Pollensa homeowner, October 2010

''I was so glad to find you, wonderful treatments''
Louise, from Amsterdam, June 2011

''I felt very safe in your hands. These treatments have
been the highlight of my holiday''
Fiona, from Glasgow, July 2011

"I've had many, many Thai massages - that was one of the
best." Claire (ex-Singapore) September 2012
Thai Massage / Masseurin
thai foot massage

Working on all the major organs from reflex points
on the sole, foot massage stimulates and cleanses
the whole body.

Your treatment begins with a warm footbath,
followed by lavender or peppermint aroma-oil lotion.  
Includes 5-10 minutes on head and shoulders to
balance the energy.

60 minutes - 50 €

"I'm a new woman! Thank you!"  Jodi, August 2014

"It was the first day in a long time that I didn't need to  take
painkillers.  Wonderful!"  Julie, August 2014
reiki energy healing

Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life force’ meaning the
energy that is constantly flowing through all living
beings and the entire universe. This force is also
known as
chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit. A
reiki practitioner directs this healing energy to the
client to reduce stress, relieve pain, release emotional
blockages and complement conventional healing.
Beneficial when recovering from illness, or at times of
change.  Lying or sitting.
60 minutes - 50 €
"Thank you for a great treatment this morning.
I have had a lot of energy today :)"
Trine from Denmark,October 2012

Thai products
I have some 100% cotton Thai fishermans' pants, handmade bags
and herbal balm.
I can bring products to the massage booking to show you, no obligation to buy.

travel supplement applies, please see booking page
rejuvenating face massage

Stress and pain in our bodies is reflected in the face, tensing
muscles & causing unwelcome lines. Facial massage
stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles & encourages lymph
flow. Incorporating the principles of Thai massage with
western influences to help lift signs of ageing from around
forehead, eyes and mouth. Thai acupressure & stretching
techniques on shoulders & neck, acupressure points &
energy lines on scalp & face, followed by facial massage
with Weleda regenerative wild rose oil, cool mask over the
eyes and acupressure massage on hands to finish.

"Every point you touched felt good; also it's very good value for money"
Nickie, resident - Puerto Pollensa, April 2010
30 minutes - 30 €